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We are a professional branding and brand support agency focused on being innovative in how we think, creative in the way we generate concepts, efficient in the way we deliver. 

Graphic Design

We practices contemporary visual communication and specialises in branding, print, collateral design, book design, illustration, typography, and web design. Our contemporary approach to graphic design and visual communication is the by product of an ongoing commitment to craft, quality, originality and the desire to create lasting, enduring, considered work.

In this category we are focused on graphic design, print design and branding.

Graphic Design




Digital and Web Design

Website design and hosting are part of our design and communication services. It has now become almost laterally a norm for a business that takes itself serious not operate without a website or a dedicated email address. Not only is a website a means communication but in the past few years it has become an essential part marketing tool for the 21st century communication platform. We are able to use this increasingly vital communication tool to link social media, blogs and customer comments in such a way that benefits the client and add a meaningful customer interaction. 

Digital and Web Design

Website Development

Digital Branding

App Development

Social Media Management

We like to think we are good at what and the use technology and clever thinking helps in improving our client’s social media goals. Our methods assist clients with customer engagement including overall brand image and increasing brand awareness. Social media can be a very competitive space which requires a brand agency that is not only strong in managing social platforms but knowledgeable with the client’s brand to best represent its objectives.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Content Scheduling

Content Planning


We believe that a unique and engaging design is a balanced combination of passion, insight and craftsmanship. We‘ve build a strong connection with their clients by working together to find core values, challenges and possibilities. We think ambitiously and act strategically to create effective and profitable brands and branding projects. We understand that branding is an integral part of design – if the design is impressive so should be the branded item as an end result. 



Promotional Gifts

Display Products

Photography & Videography

Create the perfect promotional campaign by adding still pictures to your moving ones. Whether it’s a product or lifestyle shoot, event coverage, or editorial campaign, New Revolution Media provides photography services designed to complement your vision. Our video production and editing team is capable of providing all post-production support you may need. No matter what format or video type you are looking to create, post-production is where it all comes together

Photography & Videography

Studio Photography

Corporate Photography


Additional Services

Golf day events

Corporates are always forced to be creative in how they communicate their message or tell their stories, a golf day is but one of the ways they can do so and we are able to assist clients in this space to convey their marketing messages through golf. We offer comprehensive solutions that are implemented in conjunction with our partners in a form of golf courses, golf merchandise and auction houses were golf promotional items and memorabilia auctions take place. For a successful fun filled day with high impact marketing, consider us to bring the event to life.

Golf Day Events


Printing is still considered a valid part of the marketing campaigns. Good quality print can enhance the appeal of the campaign while poor print can send the campaign on a nosedive. It is therefore imperative to involve a good printer to take on one of your most valuable part of below-the-line marketing tool.

Printing Projects

Signage and Vehicle Branding

Signage is very much an important facet for a brand. It gives the company that final look after everything has been said, designed and done. The kind of signage you choose for your company also creates a perception which if the sign is not done in a proper and professional way it my turn your clients off and cost your business.


Our Approach

We thus have positioned ourselves to support our client’s strategic and marketing plans to ensure that they are successfully co-ordinated and executed.

Our process is decidedly personal – we collaborate with our clients to create thoughtful and compelling responses that reflect their needs and values.

Our strategic partnerships with some of key players in the industry, especially in the branding sector, position us to execute brand support activities and services in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

With a highly experienced team, we offer comprehensive solutions that are implemented in conjunction with our clients specific set of objectives to ensure results are achieved within defined budgets. Our vision is to bring your brand to life.

The importance of innovation can never be stressed enough especially in this tough economic climate. It is important for us to stay sharp and never be consumed by the unfavourable situations.  We therefore understand that providing cost effective solutions that are supported by our know-how and creativity are key for our business. .


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